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We are located in Southwestern Utah in the City of St. George. Our development is nestled between two red rock hills just off Snow Canyon Parkway and abuts the Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve, managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The Reserve boasts of miles of hiking trails and desert scenery. Amidst many hiking trails are numerous desert tortoises, Paradise Canyon Main Entrancewhich are Federally protected, and many other desert critters as well. Paradise Canyon is split in the middle by Halfway Wash. Halfway Wash is part of the City of St. George's public access area. The wash has a pedestrian and equestrian trail for public use. The trails lead from Snow Canyon Parkway to the Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve of BLM.

Paradise Canyon is privately owned and operated by it's own association. The association's makeup is the home owners of Paradise Canyon and is overseen by a Board of Directors, elected by the home owners, and is administered by a property management company, responsible for the development's daily operations and for administering the Rules and Regulations and CCR's. Those documents can be found by clicking the above link to "HOA Documents". Although the community is not gated, it is well posted to prohibit trespassing by non-residents.

This website is designed primarily for residents of Paradise Canyon. Therefore, access to internal information in this website is restricted to residents only. The public at large has access only to HOA documents and the plat map of the development.

We hope that you enjoy this site and return often.

Paradise Canyon Board of Directors

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